NEU bei uns - Ladies First!
Paartanzkurs unter Frauen...

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Kombi-Kurs jetzt bei uns!
Nightclub two Step und West Coast Swing...

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Ich unterrichte: Standardtänze
Ich bin Gasttrainer bei Art of Dance

Mein tänzerischer Werdegang:
Philip was born in London, England. He started dancing at the Age of 6 years old and competed from 8 years old. His Hobbies have ranged from fishing to repairing and driving fast cars. His Job in England was a Plumbing and Heating Engineer, running his own Business. Throughout his life he has planned to be a Professional Dancer. The dream started  to take place when he left his own Country. After some years in Germany he now lives near Zürich and teaches competitors.
As an Amateur he danced with 3 different Partners, with all of these ladies he made all Major finals. Eventually becoming the brithish Champion at Blackpool.

International Dance-Sport Trainer
Winner of Blackpool Closed British Championships
Winner of Swiss Professional Championship
Professional rising star finalist Blackpool
Finalist of Amateur World and European Championships
Competed at Blackpool at least 40 times
Producer of Standard Faultfinder Videos
Member of swissdance
WDC Adjudicator
STSV Adjudicator
President of SDSC